Buying Life Insurance shouldn't have to be complicated. Our Life Insurance program is for people who want the best policy, at the best price, from the best company. No fussing around with different agents and companies trying to sell you their products. Call us today with confidence that you have made the right choice for your loved ones: 1(866) 479-2777


How much life insurance will I need to purchase?

While there's no substitute for evaluating needs, one rule of thumb is to buy life insurance equal to five to seven times your annual gross income.

Why do I need life insurance?

The main purpose of life insurance is to provide cash to your family after you die. The money your dependents will receive (the "death benefit") is an important financial resource.

Where do I Begin?

Start by evaluating your family's needs. Gather all your personal financial information and estimate what your family will need after you're gone.


Program Details and Highlights:

  • A.M. Best Rating
  • A+ (Superior, 2nd highest of 15 ratings)

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